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Yoga at Home


Sophia, 22, Leatherhead

Anita was very knowledgeable about diet and how this effects our lifestyle. The way in which the information was portrayed was easy to understand and in a friendly manner. She provided a safe space to discuss your concerns and made me feel like change was a step in the right direction for my lifestyle. I would highly recommend for those wanting to make positive changes to their lifestyle. Thank you!

Soula, 50, London

I approached Anita to discuss my ongoing health issues with cancer and if there was anything she could do to help.

I was immediately impressed by her thorough and lengthy assessment of all aspects of my health starting as far back as my birth. We covered questions in relation to stress, diet, exercise, how much sleep I get as well as traumatic life events. No other health professional has ever asked me such detailed questions or taken this much time to get such an in-depth medical history. This demonstrates Anita’s care and attention to all areas of my life to build a clear and holistic picture of me. One particular area that was highlighted during this assessment has made me consider how detrimental this could have been to my health and how it may have been the catalyst to the cancer I have endured. As a result, I am now starting my own investigations into this.

Anita made suggestions based on the ‘map’ she created of my answers. It was fascinating to have my life mapped out in sections with key events and potential triggers to trauma visible for me to see. Anita has been very sensitive and tolerant of my current difficulties and has made careful and considered suggestions for me to follow. I look forward to continuing this interesting journey to better health.

Herve, 53, France

Before I started Anita’s program on a new approach to eating, I thought I was healthy. But I soon realized all the little disorders in my health: all these things we’re used to and we don’t notice as they are part of our lives; all the alarm signs our body sends to us but we don’t listen to, because it is a wonderful machine and it copes with it until it cannot anymore and then something serious happens, and it’s too late to act.

 I am now more careful about what time I go to bed and how I snack between meals. I also started to gain my ideal weight goal.

I realized that eating well is an essential part of living well in our body, in our mind, to build a healthy future for life. 

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