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How we work together

I will work with you in a therapeutic partnership. We arrange our first 20 minute meeting on zoom or phone. We will discuss your health concerns and goals, and how we can work together to achieve the expected outcomes. If we decide to go ahead, we can begin your healing process. 

Together we will embrace the root causes of your symptoms and diagnosis

and empower you to optimise your health.

Filling Out a Medical Form

60-120 minutes

First appointment

Let's begin ...

After our initial conversation, I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire prior to this session. We will further discuss your current health, diagnosis, treatments, family health history, diet and lifestyle. 


This session provides essential information and some hidden answers to the root causes of your symptoms.

Fruit Shakes

60 minutes

Second appointment

Getting to know what's going on in there ...

I analyse the data and you begin to learn about how and why your body presents its stressors. This is a very therapeutic and non judgmental session in which you start to see why your health might be suffering. You will receive science based recommendations and you begin your journey to better health.

Fresh Salad

45 minutes

Third appointment

Let's assess, track and recommend further ...

After a possible detox and/or elimination diet, we will begin to work on a diet and lifestyle modifications. At this point you should be able to notice positive changes in your health. We continue to track and assess how you feel followed by more recommendations. 

Image by Gian Cescon

30 minutes

Follow- up appointments

Learn more, get even better ...

These appointments are designed to support you on your journey. We continue to track and assess your health, deciding whether any lab (or other) tests are needed. I continue to guide you on your way to a healthier happier you.

Usually, one appointment a month is all you need to begin with. You can have as many or as few according to your needs.

Image by Mehrad Vosoughi

45-60 minutes

Shopping spree

Let's go shopping ...

We can arrange to go to a supermarket of your choice. I will teach you how to understand food labels and food marketing (which is not always beneficial neither for our health or pocket).

We will find alternatives to 'not so healthy yet tasty food' and bear in mind that vegan does not always mean 'healthier'. 

It's a fun session and you don't actually have to buy anything.

quest mark1.jpg


Your questions answered

Your questions answered

Email or text me any questions about food, symptoms, diagnosis or supplements and I will answer them. I will give you my recommendations or suggest the best places where you can find your answers.

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